Thursday, June 11, 2009

Review: Ideal Massager

After going back and forth over it for months, I finally did it: I bought myself the Ideal Massager (though we're not going to talk about the CRAZY deal I got on it. Seriously.)

This thing is ridiculously strong. Sure, it looks kind of funny. Sure, it's not waterproof (often a deal-breaker in my book). Sure, it's loud enough that someone dear to me has likened it to a chainsaw. But when you've got a vibrator/massager this strong, who the heck cares? Add an attachment, and I never want to get out of bed.

I was once warned against purchasing a vibrator this strong, that they make you want to throw away all the rest. While this isn't precisely true, I sure haven't been spending nearly as much time with my other toys.

To read my review of the Ideal, wander over to and see how long you can resist the temptation.

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