Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This morning seemed like a nice day when I first woke up, but nothing really special. The weather is lovely, but I had a killer class later that evening. Then I checked my email, and WOW! The sex toy Santa over at EdenFantasys.com has done it again. What could better than waking up to an email asking you to review a lovely ceramic toy? Duncan Charles Designs may be new to the sex toy world, but their ceramic dildos are lovely, and have some of the most interesting designs I've seen in ceramic yet! They also seem to be more affordable than many ceramic toys (Goldfrau, anyone?).

In other news, my first article on life as the daughter of a transgendered person will be going live on EdenCafe.com later this week (perhaps Thursday). I'll announce it here on my blog when it's up.

And where have I been these last two weeks? I'm sorry for skipping out on you all, but I moved back to school, then was down with a nasty flu for a week. Life is now back up and running!

I hope. As long as I don't get sick again. That wouldn't be very fun.

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