Thursday, June 3, 2010

Review: Underbed Restraint System

My boyfriend and I like to occasionally dabble in bondage and impact play. Unfortunately, as far as bondage goes, when your only options are linking cuffs together you're more than a little limited. We had no convenient bedposts, no spreader bars, no tethers. We'd been looking into various under-the-bed sets when , purveyor of sex toys of a zillion varieties, offered to let us review the Under the Bed Restraint System.

The Underbed Restraint Set (also sold as the Manbound Underbed Restraint Gear) is a great idea, executed simply and effectively. This set of restraints consists of two main parts, the strap set-up and the cuffs. The strap set-up is simple, with five nylon webbing straps that are placed between the mattress and box springs (or simply placed under the mattress if that is what's available). One non-adjustable strap runs down the length of the bed, from head to foot. To the top and bottom of this strap are attached four more straps, two at the top for the arms, two at the bottom for the legs. These straps can be moved to either come out the sides of the mattress for a more traditional spread-eagle configuration, or out the top and bottom of the mattress or any combination thereof for more creative positions. Each of the four attachment straps can be adjusted with a slide similar to those found on backpacks. They are fast and easy to adjust, but secure once in place. The cuffs attach to the straps with small snap hooks.

The cuffs themselves were surprisingly comfortable. A bit utilitarian in looks, but comfortable. (And I? Am a tad obsessed with everything being comfortable) They are soft, and while not as thickly padded as other cuffs we've tried, they were quite comfortable. They fasten with long, wide velcro strips. While not as secure as the standard buckle closure found on many leather cuffs, the velcro is very strong. Struggling alone won't open them. If your scenes don't involve the restrainee actively trying to remove the cuffs, they'll probably be enough to hold them. What I like best about the velcro is the adjustability. I have small, bony wrists; with basic buckle closures, cuffs almost always either rub and chafe from being too loose or cut off circulation from being too tight. Like a bondage Goldilocks, these let me get the fit just right, either for me or for my boyfriend's much larger wrists.

This set performed well during actual use. We had already set it up around the mattress, so getting ready was very quick. When I was bound, I couldn't work my way out, and there was no chafing from the cuffs. As my back and joints started to complain, he was able to quickly adjust how far the tethers pulled me so I could safely keep playing. When it was my turn to tie him up, we really put the restraining power of the Underbed Set to the test. I told him to really try to get out, as if the house was on fire, and to thrash against them as hard as he could (and my little mosher man knows how to thrash).When he finally lay back, panting, he was still tightly bound. The only difference was that he'd managed to work a little bit of slack into the tethers, about an inch after all that thrashing. It's a sturdy set, and it takes a huge effort to force it to loosen at all.

My one worry about the durability of this set lies in the attachment rings on the tether strands of the set. They aren't solid rings. They aren't soldered rings, or even rings with the gap left in. They are the spiraled rings used in key chains. After putting this set through some heavy use, this is where I'd expect the wear to show first. One of ours distorted ever so slightly after the "thrash test." These will eventually bend, and possibly break. Otherwise, it's a pretty well-made set. While leather might have been a more aesthetically pleasing material, there are two huge advantages to the nylon used: 1) It's much less expensive, and 2) The whole set can be tossed in the washing machine with the clothes when you need to clean it.

For the price, the Underbed Restraint set is a really good set. The pricing makes it accessible to newcomers and to those with restricted incomes (i.e. college students). The compact, easy to hide design makes it great for travel and for living situations where discretion is a must (again, i.e. college students like myself). If you really don't like the cuffs, just use your own. And, when it comes right down to it? It works. And for something like this, that's what really matters.

This product was provided to me free of charge by in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  1. I really love this set and recommend it all the time. great review!

  2. Thanks! I recommend it a lot, too. A friend has started joking that I must be a sales rep in disguise, hahah.