Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Cleaning

In a fit of orderliness, I spent an hour re-organizing my sex toy drawer. It had gotten to the point where I was running out of room, couldn't find things quickly, and certain favorites had been eaten by the abyss. Much to my surprise, when I reorganized, not only did I have plenty of room, but I had more than enough, before throwing anything away!

I sorted into 3 piles: Throw it out, Exile, and MINE. Unfortunately, that first pile is still residing in the depths of my drawer. Why? Because I have no immediate way to dispose of them discretely. Hooray for dorms and common trash bins!

The exile pile was a motley crew. There were toys I wasn't sure if I wanted to ditch or not. There were toys and lubes that had caused me pain, or caused an averse reaction. There were things that needed repairs (a little super-glue here, a few stitches there). There were things I had bought before I knew about material safety, and was now iffy about putting anywhere near my body, condom or no condom. Here too were the toys for whom the jury was still out over whether they were worth the effort it took to coax an orgasm out of them.

The keepers I must have reorganized half a dozen times. When I finally hit on a scheme I liked, I couldn't close the drawer because of the upright lube bottles. (Boo! Hiss!) Eventually I clobbered the drawer into submission. It's not a perfect answer, and heaven knows what I'll do when I have to move home, or have another room mate.

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