Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bronchitis and Butt Toys

So I've spent the last few days trying to keep myself from going bonkers while I'm cooped up with bronchitis. I'm coughing too hard to keep my libido going, but I just got a lovely load of new toys from EdenFantasys to play with and review. Completely unfair, because they're all so cool and amazing looking.

I decided to wear my new Leatherbeaten collar, libido or no libido, and discovered it to be incredibly comfortable. I laid out my new SpareParts Joque harness, testing to see if all of my dildos will fit in that odd, stretchy O-ring. It worked with every harness-compatible dildo I own, all the way up to the Tantus Captain and Rascal O2, with one notable exception: the Silk Medium. It's just too narrow for the ring, and the base too floppy - 2 or three good tugs and it's out. This isn't too big of an issue, since I'm the only one in my relationship that needs a butt dildo that small.

But still, the pearly minty green would look amazing against the black and pearl baby blue of the harness. Ah well, c'est la vie. I can't have everything, can I?

After a while of just handling my new toys, and coughing up a lung every so often, I had a devious little idea. Deep, hard coughs contract most of the muscles in my abdomen. Including the PC muscles and the muscles around the ass. I wondered how a comfy little butt plug might feel during coughs?

Let me just say, having the Fun Factory Bootie bouncing around in my ass makes coughing a whole lot more bearable. It's still not my favorite thing it the world, but the Bootie gives me something effortless with which to take my mind off of my illness.

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