Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

Dear Babeland,

All I want for Christmas... is the Form 6 by JimmyJane.
I really, really want this sex toy for a lot of reasons. It's powerful and versatile, elements I require in all of my favorite vibrators. It's rechargeable, which appeals to my desire to leave a smaller footprint with my toys. (and the geek in me is fascinated by the way cool charging method) I love its shape, its curves, and its lovely body-safe materials.

I’m especially deserving of this sexy toy because I’ve been a delightful mix of naughty and nice this year! I've showered my boyfriend with gifts of all sorts of fun toys, from a replacement of an old rubber favorite to some yummy Xhale glass. I'm learning to peg for him, which we've both very much enjoyed. I introduced some friends to the wonders of sex toys, guiding them up out of the $5 bullet aisle and into the light of silicone and glass. I've come up with crazy excuses for the stuff my parents occasionally wonder about, and managed to keep an ever-growing sex toy collection under wraps. I've reintroduced my ass to anal play, with promising results.

And I'll let you try to figure out which of those where naughty, and which of those were nice!

Yours truly,
Luscious Lily

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