Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Man, things really snowball this time of year. Finals, papers, Christmas, concerts, finals, moving home for winter break, finals, and did I mention FINALS? I'm a wee bit behind on my reviewing, again. I just can't do everything at once, and it doesn't help that the stupid campus postal service adds an extra week to delivery time. For a while, I got my stuff sent to a friend's house off campus, but then her roomies decided to start opening my packages.

And then they stole one.

I shit you not, they pulled a "Oh no, the package never got here, honest!" It was a tracked package. I know it got there. Luckily, it was just my affiliate fliers. Which are useless until I write my code on them. Muahahah. They're going to get a nasty surprise when they go to use their stolen fliers. But seriously? Stealing someone's mail is not cool. I'm just really fucking lucky it wasn't something I was being sent to review, or something I'd ordered. The package wasn't signed for, so I'm not sure I could have proven that they stole it.

So, terrified that my packages would get stolen again, I went back to routing stuff through the campus mail. Which takes. For fucking ever. To deliver. ANYTHING. It's really appalling, but what can you do? That's budget cuts for ya. I have to deal with the extra week chopped off my reviewing time, whether I send it here or send it home and pick it up on the weekend. It's a catch 22. (Whee! I got 17 this time!)

I've gotten some really cool stuff to review recently. I recently reviewed Leatherbeaten's The Kitten's Grin collar over at They've sent me a really kickass bunny that I'm hopefully going to review tonight, with another toy stuck in the mail labyrinth. Babeland has sent me the Tantus Little Flirt, which I reviewed here a few days ago, the FunFactory Fly Micro Vibe, and Big Teaze Toys' Onye Fleur is on its way! (I'm really excited about that one. I've wanted an Onye for a long time.)

I'm finally starting to get my sex drive back after that med killed it (again). I'm getting sick of medications stealing my sex drive. NSAIDs aren't supposed to do that!


Anyway, that's where things stand now. I'm off to go cram for my Molecular Biology and Biochemistry final on Wednesday, after which I'm dashing home to go to my baby sister's Christmas concert. She usually doesn't mind if I have to stay and cram for finals, but Dad just got pulled out of town for a business trip in Washington DC for a critical client. A client affiliated with the big guys on the hill; when they say jump, you say how high, because they're a really well paying client. That doesn't make us any happier about it, but at least he can be back in time for all of us to leave for Christmas with family.

It's been a bit of a rocky few months, but things are going well on the transgendered front. Pronouns have started getting really confusing; now that Dad's started sometimes presenting as a woman, we alternate between "he" and "she" depending on the situation. My brain explodes every so often. Dad's PMSing in sync with her hormone injections, which is both frustrating and hilarious. As she's losing weight, her band size is dropping; in another few inches, she'll be into the "standard" range of bra sizes, and will be able to get some really nice, pretty ones. She's really excited. Over Thanksgiving we told her parents, who were strangely unsurprised to find out that their child is transgendered. They don't know that she's transitioning, though. We're taking this in baby steps with them; we're surprised how well they took finding out the first bit, but we don't want to push them so fast that they reject Dad. It would break her heart.

So that's what's going on in Dr. Lily's lab of life. Sanity? Sleep? What are those? :P

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