Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday: Electrosex

I realize it's been a while since I did a Wishlist Wednesday. I don't know why, but it's fallen by the wayside. Maybe I figured it sounded greedy. Maybe I was worried it was boring. But you know what? They really helped me articulate just why it was I wanted the items... or why they were an idea that should just stay in the realm of ideas.

And hey, maybe you'll see something you want to drool over. Or maybe I'll get lucky and someone will let me review something I'm lusting over. You never know!

Today's objet d'lust is electrosex toys. A few months ago, my insurance company footed the bill for a ReliaMed TENS unit for treating my chronic back pain. (it has worked quite well for this purpose, thanks) Of course, I had to wonder if it would work for, you know, stimulating more interesting parts of the body, and if I'd even enjoy such things.

Thanks to EdenFantasys, I got to review a beginner stand-alone electro-vibe that told me that hell yes, I do love e-stim! It's a set of sensations unlike any other, and novelty? Is sexy.

I am now faced with one problem - electrodes! I have the basic sticky pads that are used with TENS units for their on-label therapeutic use, but they are of rather limited sexual use for a gal like me. I thought of trying to rig up a DIY electrode, having found numerous plans and ideas online. Honestly, though, I'm just not comfortable making something to electrify and stick in my vagina just yet. Crafty I may be, but I've never worked or played with electricity aside from some very minor wiring and soldering in the lab. I don't know enough to know what is and isn't safe, what will work and what won't, what will feel good and what will hurt in a bad way. Heck, I don't even know what a good, strong internal e-stim is supposed to feel like! Gentle, yes. The Sextreme Electro-Vibe showed me what that feels like. I don't have any basis of comparison for higher power levels, though, or for what my box can do, and that makes me nervous.

The solution to this problem? There are a whole lovely array of purpose-made electrodes for sexual pleasure in the world. There are dildos, bullets, plugs, probes, sounds, rings, and a million other things that sound delightful. I'm not ever sure where to begin, but some kind of dildo or probe would probably be best.

I'm also not sure what, if any, of the 'trodes out there will work with my box. Does the connector matter? Will I need an adapter? Is it strong enough? Will it be able to power the toys? Will my little ReliaMed do, or am I going to have to invest in an e-stim box if I want to play? I haven't the foggiest.

I looked at a few different egg and bullet shaped electrodes, but they worry me as a beginner for one reason - the smaller the surface area of an electrode, the more intense the sensation. My gut tells me that larger surface areas are probably a better place to start, but I could very easily be wrong.

I also wonder - do I need to wear a non-conducting glove to hold all-metal electrodes while in use? I don't want to send current through my heart in my throes of edgy passion...

 One toy that jumped out at me was the Dual Contact Electro Vaginal Dildo, which I saw over at It's moderately sized for a dildo, it's simple (I think?), it's unintimidating. If it works with my box, it looks like a decent place to start. I need to figure out what bi-polar will mean in terms of sensation, though. Again, clueless here.

Materials - Steel
Features - Bi-polar
Cost - $115.00

The Romeo Anal/Vaginal Probe over at also caught my eye. It's an interesting little shape, made of plastic and steel. Supposedly ergonomic for both vagina and anus, it looks pretty darn comfy, especially since at under an inch in diameter it's a teeny little thing for those of us with shy asses. The same worries about compatibility apply here. It looks cute and fun, though, and again it's not overwhelming in appearance.

Materials - Plastic and Steel
Features - Non-conducting retrieval loop, designed for beginners
Cost - $56.94

While they both look like a lot of fun, the major hurdle between me and some electrodes is price. These two are, from what little I've seen, relatively inexpensive as far as electrodes go. Electrodes get very expensive, very fast. I'm a college student. I've got post-baccalaureate schooling costs looming on the horizon. Dropping that much money on a single toy that I'm likely to outgrow, that I'm likely to push aside for bigger/better/more complicated toys? That's difficult. It's something that I'm going to consider, though, because it's fun. Really fun. For both of us.

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  1. Your TENS unit probably has 2.5mm port. In that case, the Rimba dildo will plug in as is, but the other thing will need an adaptor.

    And yes on the gloves :)

  2. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! That's good to know, I'll have to go find somewhere to get some adapters before I start investing in electrodes. And make sure I have a good supply of gloves on hand. :)