Thursday, April 8, 2010

Review: Bubbles

Ever since I first saw the new Fun Factory Click 'N' Charge vibrators announced, my inner geek has been itchy to get her hands on one.

When my inner geek saw how cute some of them were, she squealed with glee.

When Babeland offered her the Bubbles vibrator, she just about had a heart attack.

Because, seriously? The Bubbles g-spot vibrator from Fun Factory is all kinds of awesome.

Let's start with the shape, shall we? No sense letting the inner geek go crazy just yet. The Bubbles is shaped like a stack of, well, bubbles. However, it's not your usual pillar of bloops. No, these bubbles are off-set every which way, giving you a delicious g-spot curve at the end and making it feel much, much thicker than it actually is (which is already a quite girthy 1.5" in diameter). The grooves between the bubbles are deep enough to help bring lube into the body, without being impossible to clean. And it really is easy to clean: a little soap and water works for day-to-day use, while a 10% bleach solution will sanitize if necessary. (don't boil it, though, it has electronics inside!) It is not safe for anal use, as it has no flange.

The silicone is Fun Factory's usual soft, plush, pet-able silicone. (But I will deny all reports of Lily spending the first hours of ownership petting the Bubbles) It's got all kinds of lovely drag, and is wonderfully squish-able. At the base, molded in the silicone of the fourth bubble, are the controls. They are very simple: a plus button and a minus button. Given how squishy the silicone is, I appreciated that they made the buttons give a noticeable clicking feel when pressed. Pressing the plus once turns the toy on at the lowest steady level. Continuing to holding it down, or hold it down again glides you up through a continuous array of vibrations from barely there to a fairly strong, deep, diffuse rumble. At the highest level, pressing the plus again brings you into the patterns. There are three of them, and pressing plus will cycle you endlessly through them.
  • Surging from low to high, then dropping down to begin again
  • Faster surging
  • Fastest surging, almost a pulsing
When you are in the patterns, press minus at any time to return to the highest level of solid vibrations. In the solid vibrations, hold the minus down to scroll down to the lowest level, then press minus again to turn it off.

The whole toy vibrates; there seem to be electronic bits all the way up to the second bubble from the top, but I can't for the life of me figure out where the main motor is. This does mean that while the Bubbles will bend a wee bit to conform to your individual body, don't try to bend it in half. You will start to hear little crackling noises, and after that you will probably break your poor Bubbles' neck. Poor Bubbles doesn't deserve that, now, does it?

The base of the Bubbles is hard, shiny plastic with matte sides for gripping. To be honest, they are the one thing I hate about this toy. The matte surface is not enough to keep a good hold on this toy when things get going. Even the slightest amount of lube or water, and you're holding on for dear life. This is a rather short toy - that base is going to get nice and cozy with the vulva of most users. (On that note, no anal play. No flange = not safe.) What this toy really needs is a pair of silicone-lined finger grooves, at least a few millimeters deep, for holding on to this vibrator. Across the base is a saddle of glossy plastic. And on this glossy plastic, the magic begins.

On the very bottom of the toy is the Fun Factory emblem. Remember how these are Click 'N' Charge vibrators? The charger is a little disk with two magnets on the end. Those magnets click into place on the base to charge. They just cling there happily, pouring energy into your vibrator. The geek in me is really, really excited about the technology that went into this nice little feature. The end result? A completely waterproof rechargeable vibrator! Plus, you'll only ever need one charger for all of your Click 'N' Charge toys! Because you'll definitely want more than one.

This product was provided to me free of charge by Babeland in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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