Friday, August 27, 2010

Returning to Dorm Life

This weekend, I move back into my college dorm. Unlike many years, this is a joyful occasion for me. I'm going back to what looks like it will be a really cool, fun semester of classes. I'm getting OUT of my family's house. I'm getting my privacy back. I'll be able to masturbate whenever I want, have sex whenever I can get my boyfriend there, have him sleep over, share showers again... all sorts of wonderful things. I get to see my friends again (those who didn't just graduate and scatter to the corners of the globe). I get to go have Indian food again! (there aren't any good places in my hometown) I get to swap stuff again, and ramp up my reviewing because I don't have to worry about my mail getting opened.

I? Am really excited about moving back to school. I'm just not looking forward to the whole packing and unpacking thing, and missing my dog. *sigh* I guess I can't have everything, now can I?

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