Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wanton Wednesday: Rope Harness

So, I've seen people doing Wanton Wednesday for a while now. It sounds like fun. It sounds more... decadent and artsy than HNT tends to be. And it's done by a group of people I know and love. I can dig that.

And so, for this very Wanton Wednesday, I'll share my one of my first attempts at rope play. It was too hot out to wear clothing, so of course I figured it was a good time to experiment with some basic ties. On a whim, I rigged together a dildo harness.

It was actually quite sturdy, especially given the sheer weight of the dildo attached to it. (For those curious, that is the Tantus Captain. Marvelous toy, but as of this posting it had been discontinued because it's a niche toy that doesn't sell well. More's the pity.) While I haven't tried it with full on pegging, I was still surprised that it was so sturdy.

I have more rope coming in later this week to experiment with. Depending on how frequently my boyfriend reads my blog, I may have just blown a surprise, or he may not know until I've practiced enough that I'm ready to share my rope. We shall see. ;)


  1. good job with that!! I'd be curious too to see how it stands up to pegging.
    glad to have you joining us, a big welcome!

  2. It looks like it would hold up better than one I used recently. Welcome to WW!

  3. That is so cool. BTW stop by I have an award for you


  4. two years since you posted this, I have a question for you-- do the ropes run between your legs? If so, where did they part? I am posting a roundup of rope harness infoand would love to include this one :)