Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Emotional Fallout of a Transgendered Coming Out

My second article in my Loving a Transgendered Parent series on EdenCafe is now up. Thank you to all of you who responded with such welcome to the first story. I was stunned to find "My Dad's Going To Become My Mom" on the Divine Caroline, as one of the top stories in the Family section. I'm amazed that so many people want to read it; I was expecting these to have just a small, niche audience in the trans-friendly community. If these in any way help someone someday, if they help someone elses family and friendships survive the coming out, then I'll be happy. If they help someone understand what it's like to love a transgendered person and to dispel even a little bit of the hate and fear, then they'll do more than I could hope for.

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