Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Review: Mystic Wand Attachment

Like the Mystic Wand for which it was designed, the boringly named Mystic Wand Attachment is a stunning example of Vibratex listening to our gripes, listening to what we want, and then making it happen. If it fits your body, this sex toy totally rocks.
Made of fully sanitizeable silicone? Check. Grippy silicone so it stays put on the wand? Check. Enough texture on the cup to stimulate, without making it a bitch to clean? Check. Odd yet wildly successful g-spot-targetting shape (as also seen on the much beloved Fun Factory Gigolo and Lelo Gigi)? Double check. Short enough not to sail on past the average g-spot? Check!

Seriously, the Mystic Wand Attachment has some really awesome stuff going on. On top of all of this, they finally managed to find a way to get the attachment to transmit most of those powerful vibrations up into the shaft of the attachment. Almost every single massager attachment I've ever tried has failed miserably in this department. Most lose 3/4 of their power at the junction where the shaft sprouts from the head of the massager. In such cases, you're better off with a good dildo or g-spot vibe for internal play. Between the higher-than-average density of the silicone and the quite thick shaft-base, this gets the vibrations over to the business end of the attachment. And that? Makes all the difference in the world.

I have just one gripe with this otherwise fantastic attachment. There is a point that juts up to make contact with the clit; if it worked, this would suddenly be an epic dual-stimulation attachment. Unfortunately for me, the distance between the base of the shaft and the clitoral nub is simply too short. It ends up jabbing my labia instead. It's not a deal-breaker, but it would have made an already amazing attachment truly stellar.

Is this worth buying? Heck yes. Even if the clit point is in the wrong place for you? Yes. The only users I'd warn off from this are those who already know that they do not like the oddly flattened shape of the head. While it's just soft enough not to catch on the pubic bone, it's not a universally adored shape. Otherwise? It's an awesome little addition to your Mystic Wand.

Thanks Babeland!

If you don't already have the Mystic Wand,

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