Thursday, September 23, 2010

Review: Tenga Egg - Spider

The Tenga Egg has been buzzed about for long enough to get me curious. At first, I figured that it was just another disposable masturbator; isn't that what Tenga was known for? Then, I started hearing the gals raving about it. I tried to wrap my mind around wrapping a masturbator around your Hitachi, and my brain ended up needing a hard reboot. I was seriously confused until I dug up some pictures on sex toy stores of what the heck this thing actually looked like. I was curious, but not desperately so.
When Babeland offered me the chance to try one with my Mystic Wand (which they also provided), I figured I might as well. If nothing else, I could pass it off to my boyfriend. I mean, come on, how much fun could a little handful of TPE be?

A LOT. Seriously, a lot.

After peeling off the "shell" and popping open the "egg," I was confronted with a little egg-shaped blob with a packet of lube down its center. Tenga gets major props for considering the little details here. Dubious, I pulled it out... and was instantly enthralled. It was squishy. It was soft. It stretched and stretched forever! Even just as an innocent toy, it would have been cool.

(Me? Easily amused? Perhaps...)

When I flipped it inside out, the reason for its name, the Spider, quickly became apparent. The textured inside looked like a cartoon spider's web. In that moment, I felt like the Spiderman of Sex Toys.

But enough about how fun it was to mess around with. What really won me over with the Tenga Egg was using it on my Mystic Wand. It flips easily around the head, then stays put until you peel it off. It adds a whole heck of a lot of cushion and texture to the wand without damping the vibrations much. It also makes them feel even more deep and thrummy, so it might be good for taking the edge off of toys like the Hitachi and Fairy wands. A bit of lube helped the egg glide, but be careful not to use too much of a very thick lube - for one thing, much of the texture will be lost; for another, it suddenly gets hard to keep the damn thing on the wand!

I know this is supposed to be a one-use toy, but if you're careful it isn't hard to clean and re-use an egg at least 3-4 times. Even with all of that texture, it was easy to clean. Flipped so that the smooth side wraps around the fingers off one hand, the other hand can gently rub soapy water around the toy. To dry, leave it standing, texture out, on its opening. Do not put it away until completely dry!

After one use over a massager and a cleaning, there was almost no distortion to the egg. However, after my boyfriend got a hold of it and jerked off with it just once, where his head hit it there is now a badly stretched-out portion that will probably rip soon. And this was while he was playing gently, trying not to damage it! He really liked the texture, and being able to feel both his hand and the sleeve, because it gave him an endless variety of sensations if he changed his use just a little bit.

I absolutely adored the Tenga Egg as a cap for my wand massagers. It makes them feel like a totally new toy, and I can't wait to try other the other designs. The boyfriend also endorses them, especially for trips when you want to pack lightly. Because of the stretching factor, your mileage may vary for number of uses. Using it to jack off a penis definitely puts more wear and tear on the Egg, so you may only get 1-3 used out of it even with care. If you are just wrapping it around a massager, the minimal stretching means you may get as many as 6-8 uses, possibly more.

Thank you, Babeland!

This product was provided to me free of charge by Babeland in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


  1. I got one just to play with (don't have a massage). I thought it was such a cool design I had to have one. My friend shoved her whole fist in it! So it deformed a little, but it makes some pretty great squishy sounds and is a pretty good stress ball!

  2. Hahah, that's awesome. Now I'm going to be endlessly distracted by squishing it.

    If you're careful about holding it in place, you can probably wrap it around basic vibrators. Or just use it as an epic stress ball. ;)