Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review: Fun Factory Share

A curious thing seems to happen when a female-bodied person starts wearing something like the Share. It can happen with any strap-on dildo, but I've heard of it happening a lot more often with this style of toy. We start calling it things like "My cock," "My dick," and "My gloriously radiant fuck-stick of rapture." Ok, maybe not the last one, but you get my point. In some strange alchemical process, they cease to be toys and start to become part of us.

The first time I inserted the bean-shaped "giver's end" of the Share and looked down to see a lovely onyx cock bobbing between my shapely thighs, I began to proudly think of it as "my cock." After I masturbated with it a few times, it was most definitely a part of me in a strange and wonderful way.

Given that my psyche has, without my intent or consent, absorbed an inanimate sex toy into my being, then I guess it's a damn good thing that it's an absolutely fantabulous sex toy, isn't it?

And it is fantabulously glorious. Fun Factory started with their usual soft, velvety, plush, squeezable silicone for this toy, and then made some magic happen on the design table. The bean-shaped giver's end, while definitely girthy (1.9" in diameter at the widest point), is a very comfortable shape once inserted. It stays put pretty well, as long as you have the PC muscle strength to support its weight. The receiver's end is a smooth, sleek, gently curved penis with a slightly pronounced head. It tops out at 1.75" in diameter all the way at the joint, but the portion that is actually usable once it's in use stays between 1" and 1.25", which is a great beginner to intermediate size for vaginal or anal penetration, and a decent size for faux-jobs (like a blow job, but given to a non-biological penis).

The joint between the two ends is shaped to accommodate a wide range of anatomies. I had no problem using it alone or with a harness, or with a small vibrator wedged behind it. The flexibility of the joint makes the cock droop when inserted, but allows the bean to fit many body shapes, and even be inserted anally and still be used (even fitting around the balls of male-bodied users; just be careful not to crush them). I'm torn over whether or not I want a hole for a bullet. As long as I wasn't using a harness, I could easily get a bullet in to my clit, but I do wish I could make the whole thing vibrate. For now, I press my Mystic Wand to the joint to make the magic happen.

In many ways, the Share is the easiest dildo to peg with that I have ever tried (and the hardest in others). I can actually feel what I'm doing, so it's more than just a psychological turn-on for me now; we both get a lot of pleasure out of pegging with this. I can't "feel where I'm going" like I could if my cock were flesh-and-blood, but this is the next best thing. Steering the Share is both easier and frustrating - because of that bendy joint, there's a lot of hand maneuvering of my cock to get started, and once I'm in, some of the force and direction of the thrusts is lost when the joint just... bends. I highly recommend a harness to help with this: I used my Joque Harness, and I could still feel everything while getting a bit more control over the Share. It also helps with the issue of retention, because anal muscles are strong. I don't care how strong you think your PC muscles are, if they haven't fought with sphincters for a dildo before you may be very surprised.

My darling receiver of the pegging was an instant fan of the Share. He prefers slimmer dildos with a nice head for pegging, because it makes it more comfortable for him when he asks me to go hard and rough, so this was right up his alley. While I was frustrated by the bending of the joint, he had a different point of view. The bending meant that if I thrust too hard, the joint acted as a shock absorber to keep him from getting stabbed in an unpleasant manner. He preferred lying on his back facing me so that the upward curve of the Share spent a whole bunch of time cozying up to his prostate.

But did it generate orgasms? It was fun, but did it really deliver?

Yes. Yes it did. Not only did get off, but for once I manged to orgasm from pegging. I actually had trouble concentrating on what I was doing at times, because I was busy having wonderful g-spot orgasms from the inner portion of the Share moving inside me. I finally understand what guys mean when they say they suddenly reach the point of no return when fucking.

The Share is epic even if you don't plan to use it for penetration of a partner or gender play. As a solo jack-off toy, it's a glorious g-spotter. I love hard, pounding lovin' on my g-spot, but my poor joints seriously start to hurt if I start thrusting away at Warp 2 with a regular dildo. It's an awkward angle to hold anything at for long, and with my joint problems it's often not possible. The Share goes after the g-spot completely differently. With the bean inserted, it nestles up to the front of my vagina as happy as can be, my silicone cock bobbing in front of me. I can put my hand in my lap, in a very comfortable position, and grab the phallic end of the Share to start jacking off "guy style." Pumping away at the penis end of the Share starts banging the bean around in my vagina in a wonderful manner, thumping it against my g-spot over and over with a minimum of effort. The only difficult bit about the whole thing it is not shooting the Share across the bed when I orgasm. (Yes, really. Quite amusing, if a tad frustrating)

This isn't the usual semi-direct rubbing the g-spot as a dildo thrusts past, by no means! It's not quite like anything else I've tried, but I like it. A lot.

After play care of my lovely new cock is wonderfully simple. The Share is made of 100% silicone, so it can be wiped down, washed, bleached, dumped in the dish washer, or boiled. It's totally inert, so you can toss it in your toy storage container of choice without a care in the world. Just don't use it with silicone lubes - the one thing that can destroy your Share is silicone lube. Pjur Bodyglide and Sliquid Ride Silicone both tested safe with my Share, but always test your silicone lubes on a small, unobtrusive patch to make sure they won't ruin the toy.

To make a very, very long story short, I love my Share. I adore my Share. It's everything I hoped it would be when I started wishing for it way back when, and more. If anything ever happens to my wonderful black cock, I will be immediately running for the nearest internet access point to buy three more. Just in case.

Thank you Fascinations for sending me the Share to review!

This product was provided to me free of charge by Fascinations in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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