Thursday, August 27, 2009

Review: Hide'N'Seek

A few weeks ago, I won a contest Vera (VeraFromFYN) was holding on Twitter. The goal: to help AnerosJohn, who was new to twitter, get more followers. The prize? A brand new Hide'N'Seek case from ForYourNymphomation!

The ForYourNymphomation Hide 'N' Seek is a sleek, cute little toy case. Like Baby Bear's belongings to Goldilocks, it is not too big, not too small, but just right. At 6"x 4"x 2", it's small enough to slip into a purse, but still large enough to hold an impressive amount of sexual firepower.
On the average day, mine contains:
  • LELO Gigi
  • Aneros Peridise Beginner set
  • One 4.2oz/125mL bottle of lube
  • Wireless bullet
When I'm off to a rendezvous, the following toys join the above list:
  • Corded micro bullet and its 3 AA battery controller
  • Vibrating cock ring
  • Assorted batteries and condoms
And the case still closes without any stuffing, cramming, or straining of the sides once closed.

Some features of the FYN cases have been redesigned since I purchased my old Foot-longs. Previously, their signature zipper pulls had been linked to the zipper by split O-rings that were also used to lock the zipper closed. These were unfortunately rather easy to pry open, and didn't afford much of a deterrent against the determined snoop. Thank goodness for companies that really listen to customer feedback! These have been updated to luggage-style interlocking rings for the lock to slip through, and the pulls are now attached to loops on the zipper itself, with no loose jump ring between. The new luggage-style lock-loops are much more secure, and very much appreciated!

The outer material of the case is very different from my previous cases. While my faux patent cases had a slick, definitely plastic feel to them, the faux leather of this case is very well done. When I first removed it from the package, I did a double take and felt it again to make sure it was really faux. It's deliciously soft, with just enough texture to make it easy to hold onto.

As with all of my FYN cases, the workmanship is superb. The Hide 'N' Seek is sturdy, well designed, and the water resistant lining has held up to my test-spills of lube.

I'm thoroughly pleased with this little case. It's only flaw is that I only have one of them!


Thanks again to Vera and ForYourNymphomation for this cute little case!

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