Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday: Prostate Envy

I'll be honest: I may not be overly prone to penis envy, but recently I've been plagued by prostate envy. The way some guys tell it, it sounds almost magical: some pressure, a bit of thrusting or vibration, and before long, WHAM! Mind-blowing, toe-curling, throbbing, shaking orgasm.

I may have a responsive clit, but even I can't pull that off that fast with just fingers. Having watched my boyfriend slip in his Tantus Sire and be dry orgasming in under a minute, I get jealous. There is no spot in my body that responds that fast. While my ass has, occasionally, enhanced orgasms, it has never caused any. It's not for lack of trying. I've done all kinds of interesting things to my ass, but results have been less than mind-blowing. Impossible as it may be, I'd love to borrow a prostate once in a while.

Since I don't have a prostate, this Wishlist Wednesday is dedicated to toys I'd love to get for my boyfriend's prostate. And toys I'd go for if I had one.

First up, the Njoy Pure Plug, in medium and large. The shape is one that, in other materials, has proved wonderful for prostate stimulation and for moderate- to long-term wear. The slim neck flaring back out to the handle soothes any fear of loosing the toy inside. The stainless steel is beautiful and hygenic, and touted as feeling better than glass. The handle looks both functional and comfortable.

Heck, I want one even without a prostate! Medium, please!

Next up, the Bad Boy by Rocks Off, a large, severely curved prostate massager. First off, he's made of silicone. We love silicone. And vibrating silicone? Yes please! Rumor has it that we'll want to replace the bullet with a stronger one, but this seems to be par for the course. Nine times out of ten, the bullets that come with silicone toys are underpowered and run on watch batteries. Lets hook this honey up to 3 AA's, shall we?


  1. I have a NJoy pure plug. Only the pfun one was designed specifically for prostates. :)

  2. Oh, I know it wasn't designed just for prostates, but I can't help but think about how much more amazing it would feel with one. (We have a glass plug that's almost exactly the same shape, and he gets a LOT more out of it than I do.)

    Which does not stop me from wanting one in the least. It just sometimes makes me wish I had a prostate for it to play with, hahah.

  3. I'd loan my to you if I could =)

    The Njoy is one of the next companies I hope to start collecting <3

  4. Aw, thanks AveryDragon! I think I need to start saving up for my first Njoy.