Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time to Un-Disappear!

I'd like to apologize for disappearing off the the face of the earth for a while without any warning. Life has been throwing me some curve balls, and I'm not the best batter.

Two weeks ago today, we had to put down my dog.

She was 14 years old, of a breed that averages 10-12. A year of battling Bartonella left her with a ravaged pancreas that couldn't really function any more. Dementia had begun to set in, causing her to get lost in the house, be unable to find her way out of corners, and leaving her not always able to recognize us. In the last six months, she lost over a third of her body weight. She wouldn't eat, no matter what we tried to tempt her with.

It was hard to lose her, but it would have been cruel to force her to keep going. We spent a week missing her and trying to find the heart to pack for vacation.

Vacation went well, aside from the curve ball of no internet. It got us out of the house so we weren't constantly reminded of the dog we had lost, and into the company of loving family. The 15 (yes, 15) of us rented a house by the ocean in VA Beach for a week. The weather was just about perfect. My older cousin and her fiance, my younger cousin, my little sister and her friend, my boyfriend, and I spent a lot of the week either on the beach, in the pool, or playing endless games of cards late into the night. Both sets of grandparents talked and cooked and played board games and napped. My parents and my Aunt and Uncle drifted between the two groups (and spent suspicious amounts of time in their rooms with their spouses. Thank goodness for thick walls).

As much as I loved the vacation, three things bugged me. Number one: NO INTERNET! Aside from occasionally snagging some bandwidth from the house next door early in the morning, nothing. Being away from the internet that long felt beyond weird.

Internet addiction? Me? Nah...

Thing that bugged me number two: I'm so pale I can get a sunburn while wearing SPF70. And High SPF facial sunscreen made with only titanium and zinc oxides gets expensive.

Thing that bugged me number three: lack of sex. Given the hangups my family has about premarital sex, it would be really, really bad if they found out that my boyfriend and I fuck like bunnies. But with accessories. Lots and lots of accessories. Long story short, we spent a week being around each other almost 24/7. I had my nice, quiet LELO Gigi to keep me company, but my boyfriend was not so lucky. In that whole week, we only had one chance to have sex.

And pool sex without silicone lube can be hazardous to your poor vagina's health.

Unless he has a very mobile foreskin and you both have a lot of patience. Then it can be freakin' awesome.


  1. I'm a ginger, so I feel your sun issues :) My local dollar store sells nutrogena sensitive skin sunscreen (with the titanium dioxide) for pretty damn cheap, might be worth looking around for a new supplier???

    And I love how that sunscreen gives my skin an odd yellowish look when I irst apply it. Especially in my eyebrows. Whatever - sunburn is WAY more unattractive and uncomfortable...

  2. Good call! That's where I was getting mine, until I got a free sample of the newer spf 60 sensitive skin. Right now, the only place in our area (that we've been able to find) that carries it is the Target. But oh, is it worth every penny. It doesn't turn skin funky colors as bad, either!

    Eyebrows and part line are the worst. They look so silly with the gunky yellow clumping them together. My family jokes about "creepy eyebrow syndrome" since we all have to wear it.