Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Review: Peridise Beginner set

When the wonderful people of Aneros offered to send me the beginner Peridise set, I was intrigued. While I enjoy anal stimulation, it's not something I reach for very often. I have enough problems with hemorrhoids that butt play is often off-limits, so I haven't been able to work up very far in anal toys.

This interesting little set is marketed in two ways, under two names: as a sex toy under the name Peridise, and as an anorectal exerciser and hemorrhoid massager for under the name Peristal. As I enjoy the former and am in desperate need of the latter, I was definitely interested!

Upon removing the 22 and 18mm Peridises from their plastic cradle, the first thing I noticed was their lovely finish. They are molded from a very strong, resilient medical grade plastic that is FDA approved for body and fluid contact. What you can't tell from the pictures is that they are also hand-polished, giving them a lovely, silky finish. When we were first running them through our hands, my first thought was that they felt like marble; my boyfriend thought it reminiscent of ivory. Whatever they were trying to emulate with the finish, we found it pleasant to both the hands and the ass.

One thing that confused me was that, while the Aneros website has long, detailed instructions on the use of their prostate massagers, there were no such instructions for the Peridise, which can be used by those of us lacking prostates. The prostate massager instructions can be used by ignoring the references to prostates. There are, however, instructions for the Peridise in its incarnation as the Peristal, provided by the retailers that carry the Peristal. One such set of instructions can be found here.

I gave the Peridise set what is quite possibly the longest testing period before I began drafting its review: almost a full four weeks. I wanted to give it as much time as possible to prove itself, not just as a sex toy, but as a medical device. What I bring to you now is the result of four weeks of almost daily use.

As a sex toy, the Peridise is a lot of fun. As a medical device, they are absolutely fantastic.

Let's start with use as a sex toy. The slim shape and tapered head make it easy to insert, and that lovely finish seems to cling to lube. It slides quickly and gently into place with minimal effort. While I've had significantly larger and more textured toys in my butt, these little shapes felt completely different from anything else. They were also always very comfortable, from the entry of the top bulb to the slim but long flange at the base. Unlike my simple butt plugs, they don't fight the anatomy of the ass. Instead, they work with it to both pleasure and strengthen the muscles.

I must admit, in my weeks of working with these two Peridises, I have not found them by themselves to be overly pleasurable or erotic. However, when used with a vibrator, they definitely enhanced the orgasm significantly. Always a plus!

On the flip side, the Peridise set really delivered as an anal PC exerciser. I noticed a slight improvement in muscle tone and, shall we say, overall rectal health. After almost a month, it was a significant improvement, to the point where I can comfortably use my regular plugs whenever I want.

This is quite possibly one of the easiest toys to clean, other than smooth glass. Because it's medical grade plastic, you can put it in the dish washer. If you're lucky enough to have a dishwasher with a sterilize function like mine, you can run it through on the top shelf. You can wipe it down with bleach too. Even with just simple soap and water, this material doesn't seem to cling to ass smell like many toys.

After all these acolades, does the Peridise set have any flaws? Unfortunately, it does, but this may have more to do with my anatomy than with the toys themselves. I have a small butt. It's not completely flat, and it rounds out my pants nicely, but when I'm sitting on your lap the first word that comes to mind is bony. This means that while I can use the Peridises for short periods, I can't just put one in and wear it long term as I some reviewers have done. It just sticks out too far. It's not visible through clothing when I'm standing up, but when I sit down it gets pressed in all the way to the final ball, which is rather unpleasant.

Overall, am I impressed with the Anerose Peridise beginner set? Even with the issues mentioned? You betcha! I'm so impressed, I'm thinking of getting myself the advanced set someday.

Thanks again to Aneros for letting me review this wonderful set!

This product was provided to me free of charge by Aneros in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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