Monday, September 21, 2009

Long weekend

It's been a long weekend, even if it was only 2 days. My mom went on a cleaning binge, which meant the whole family spent hours upon hours cleaning the house. After she got that out of her system, we went to the animal shelter to visit the dog we're adopting on Tuesday. (they're making us wait until they've neutered him; understandable, but we're impatient!) Then I went to our town's Harvest Festival with my boyfriend.

And got food poisoning.

We'll never be sure if it was the shish kabobs or the zepoles, but either way I was not in a good way that night. Which meant that my lovely new Tantus Alumina Motion had to sit in its box for another day, and I got no sex this weekend. Me? Happy? No. I finally have my libido back, and life keeps getting in the way and preventing me from having sex. I have had sex ONCE in the past three and a half weeks. My vagina is NOT happy.

She may be happier later this week. I have the rest of my new Tantus silicone toys to try out, my Alumina Motion to adore, and more goodies on the way from some wonderful review-seeking people. Specifically, my first ceramic dildo and a LELO Lily. Forgive me if I squee.

Unfortunately, I also got some bad news this weekend. My boyfriend is about to lose is first steady on-the-books job. The ridiculously early hours weren't fun, but it was work that wasn't particularly onerous,he was friends with his co-workers, and it paid decently well. With that sudden influx of funds a year ago, he also finally started to learn to handle money. I say started, because he still has a long way to go, but he's making progress: two months ago he opened a savings account and automatically shunted some of every paycheck into it. This is worlds away from being constantly broke and borrowing money, because the instant he had money he spent it. Now, just as he's learning to save money... his boss tells him that they're laying him off as soon as they can find a full-timer to fill his part-time slot.

He could have two weeks, or two months, or more. We have no way of knowing.

I'm trying to convince him to go into heavy saving mode, because who knows when the paychecks will stop. His response is to go to concerts while he still can, and start telling himself that unemployment doesn't pay so bad. Thank goodness he's already looking for a new job.

The silver lining: two of the job openings he's pursuing are in the same city as my university. The thought of being able to see him during the week is almost enough to make me happy about this whole thing.


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