Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Dad’s Going to Become My Mom

My first article on EdenCafe is now up! The series is called "Loving a Transgendered Parent" because so often families are torn apart by a member coming out as transgendered. We're one of the few that hasn't. Working through it is a long, hard road, but we're in it together.

This first article is, appropriately, on how I first found out that . ..

"My dear father isn’t, should have been, maybe someday will be, a woman."

It's a much more personal story than I'd planned on telling when I offered to write these articles. On the other hand, writing it has also been one of the most healing things I've done since I found out. I hope that, in reading it, people can begin to understand, and to empathize with Transgendered people and their families.

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