Sunday, September 13, 2009

Review: Dual Climax

When I first set eyes on the Dual Climax by WHK GmbH, I was unimpressed. It looked like an inexpensive set of bullets, and how much can I say about those? A lot more than I thought.

First off, those bullets are interchangeable. You can unplug them, plug them and back in however you like. You can use one, or both. I enjoyed this, because sometimes I only want one bullet to play with, and having an extra bullet rattling around beside me is really annoying. The controller looks like it may even work with other bullets with similar jacks, but I don't have any to try it with.

These bullets are STRONG. I'm a bit of a power whore when it comes to vibrators, so this had me happy as a clam. The individual dials spin through a continuous range of power levels, from moderate at the lowest to very strong at the high end. Now, they can't compare to my Ideal massager, but they're stronger than most bullets I own. The vibrations are also deep and thrumming, instead of the buzzy surface vibration you often find in inexpensive bullets.

One thing that bugged me about this toy was that while the bullets are waterproof, the controller isn't even splashproof. The packaging simply says "waterproof," never mentioning this lack in the controller. This could be a serious problem for a beginner who assumed the whole toy was waterproof and submerged it all in the bath tub. Sizzle! Zap! One dead toy.

While I loved the texture of the long, nubby bullet rubbed along my lips and clit, I wasn't a fan of inserting it. Some people love these hard, nubby textures in their vaginas, but I never have. Maybe someday I'll acquire a taste for such toys, but for now they stay outside.

Overall, I like this toy. It's inexpensive, it's strong, it's versatile. It may have its faults, but it gets reached for often enough that it doesn't sink to the bottom of the toy drawer. Every collection needs a decent set of bullets, and if you don't need fancy settings and attachments, this is a nice, inexpensive answer.

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