Sunday, January 3, 2010

Review: Rotating G spot rabbit

For me, the Rotating G spot rabbit by Orion had its good points and its bad points. The 3 levels of vibration were lower than I prefer, but I loved the intensity of the rotation. Even with my strong PC muscles, I couldn't stop the motor. I could feel the rotation on the lowest setting. That seriously impressed me, since I love me some rotation in my toys. It rotates both clockwise and counterclockwise, which allows for the fun of switching directions at whim.

Unfortunately, this toy had two major problems for me. The first was the nubs. The front of the head is covered in these 1/8 of an inch long nubbies, and they mean business! No matter how much thick lube I used, I found them very painful when I moved them in or out. Seriously, the first time I used this toy, they left me feeling raw for days. Even through a condom, they were unpleasant. No thrusting with this baby! Unfortunately, they didn't add very much once they were in position. There was a slight difference to the sensation against my G spot, but it just served to attenuate the pressure. For me, they just got in the way.

Speaking of getting in the way leads me to the second problem: once you take the nubs into account, the bulge of the head is almost two full inches in diameter. Not the advertised 1 1/2", but 2". For most people, this is going to need serious warm-up. And for nubs that don't add much to the experience? They're just extraneous junk that gets in the way, makes insertion and removal difficult, and makes this toy a pain to clean. The toy would have been much better off without them. They've put a fantastic rotation motor in this thing; they should have made that the selling point, not the freaky, painful nubs.

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  1. Eeeeech, those nubs do NOT sound like a fun time!