Friday, June 25, 2010

Of Beauty and Blogging

Recently, my friend Rockin' over at the Light Switch decided to give me the Beautiful Blogger award. It really touched me that I was one of the ones she thought of when she received it herself.

The rules of the Beautiful Blogger award are simple. Those who receive one shall pass it on to three other bloggers they think are beautiful in some way, and then share seven things about themselves that their readers may not know.

I'd like to pass this award on to three bloggers I think are beautiful:
Backseat Boohoo at E.D.I.D.A.S.
Red at RedSneakerDiaries
Epiphora at HeyEpiphora

And now, seven things that you, my readers, may not have known about me:
1. I've owned Samoyeds all my life. (Samoyeds are a kind of sled dog with pure white fur and smiling faces)
2. I once helped Hackintosh a Dell Mini netbook.
3. I'm terribly body-shy. Those HNTs I sometimes post? They usually take me an hour or a day to get up the courage to post. It was almost six months after we started having sex before I finally let my boyfriend leave the light on when we had sex.
4. I'm a second-level Reiki student. I began learning it to help manage my back and joint pain with less medications. It may be real, it may be the placebo affect, but honestly? I don't much care which it is, because the end result is far less pain without the awful meds they'd had me on.
5. I was a mime.
6. I dual-booted Ubuntu and XP on my netbook for a while, just for kicks and giggles. Even though no Ubuntu drivers existed for my model of netbook. (pfft. This is linux. Ve hef vays to make it vork. Evin laugh.)
7. I'm a total theater geek in my spare time.


  1. You are quite the computer whiz, aren't you!?

    Thanks so much for putting me on the list. You are sweet.

  2. It's not ever day a former mime tells the internet my blogging persona is beautiful ;) You are awesome for listing me, kisses!