Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday: Elvis

(I know it's no longer Wednesday. Play along, I saw the Elvis on Wednesday...)

I recently realized that somehow I've reached the point where I've tried enough toys that I rarely ever lust over a toy anymore. Mostly I just think "Huh. That looks interesting. But it probably won't get me off any better than what I already have, nor does it have better functions/materials/rechargeability/whatever. But it does look kinda cool. Can has?" Usually, it takes something I've never, ever tried before to really get me curious and lusting, since I have a serious thing for novelty. Wooden dildos? Perhaps hand carved? Steel butt plugs? Real electrosex toys? Wartenberg wheels? Crops? Elk floggers? Liquid latex? Those get me seriously lusting, simply because I've never gotten to play with them. I almost never list over a new vibrator, or a new dildo (or dong, if they INSIST on calling it that), or a new lube, or a new rabbit style toy. I guess I'm either jaded, or I've found toys that fill those niches for me nearly perfectly.

Thus, I was shocked and amazed when a new toy offering set my heart (and pussy) a-flutter. They're not new, but I'd somehow never seen them until SheVibe picked them up. I saw them, and a stab of lustful must have shot through me. What are they? Dildos by Vamp Silicone. These things are seriously wonderful looking. The red silicone is just gorgeous. And the designs look fantastic. Seriously, I'm lusting like hell after the Elvis softskin like nobody's business. I have this funny feeling that I'd be petting the soft silicone for an hour or two, then wandering around the house wearing it in my Joque harness all day. Then pegging the boyfriend. Then re-condoming up so I can give it a test drive. Suddenly I need to know if those "soft" balls really swing, because balls that feel realistic would rock so hardcore.

I do worry a bit about the thickness of the base - it looks like it might be a little too thin to be stable in a harness. But honestly, the cock part is everything I adore in a dildo: very slightly pronounced head, slightly curved, 1.5" shaft, otherwise almost completely smooth. A dildo I can really go to town with, without worrying if I'm going to end up sore and abraded from too much texture for fast thrusting. It looks perfect. Now I just have to dig through my budget and see if I can come up with enough to afford it...

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  1. That base is strange, and does look like it might be too thin. I am intrigued by the Vamp toys too, though.