Thursday, June 24, 2010

Review: Ophoria Bliss #8

The Ophoria Bliss #8, sent to me by Fascinations, is a very well-made vibrator. At this price range, I was actually quite surprised by how well designed it is. The little things that make using and caring for a toy so much nicer are there, showing an attention to detail often overlooked in higher-priced designer brands.

It feels substantial, but it's not heavy enough that it will cause wrist strain in use. The cap and controls are sturdy and practical. The push-button is recessed but slightly textured, making it easy to find and use even when slick with lube, but it doesn't in the way and changing the settings when you least expect. The cap requires a little force to open and close, but is very easy to maneuver. The cap threads onto the body without the usual jiggling and rocking usually required to get a screw cap on straight, and it screws down smoothly and tightly. Between the tight cap and the rubber ring, it's definitely splashproof.

The rest of the toy is just as well built. The vibrations are deep, thrumming vibrations that seem to reverberate deep in your pelvis. They aren't the strongest vibrations in the world, but I found them great for longer, slower sessions; unlike many more moderately powered vibes, this one actually got me there, and well.

What really got me about this well-built toy, though, was the texture. Covered in rings that loop around like a fast game of ring-toss, it has a lot of texture. Those aren't sleek swirls, they are very pronounced ridges molded into the body of the toy. That body is a very dense, rather hard, slick silicone. They make an already slightly girthy toy feel ginormous, and they are intense. This is definitely a vibrator best suited for the texture fiends among us.

While it's designed to be a spin on the traditional insertable vibe, the Bliss #8 did quite well used as a clitoral toy. The vibrations at the tip aren't overly strong, and the slick silicone doesn't offer much of the friction I so often crave, but those ridges? They give a lot of stimulation.

The Bliss #8 is a very well-made toy. The designers have been listening: it takes into account many of the things we reviewers have been griping about for a long time. It's easy to open and close and load with batteries. The controls are easy to use, but don't get in the way. It's easy to use one-handed. It's pure silicone, making it easy to clean and sanitize. The motor provides a deep, yet quiet stimulation. The texture is intense, but not so funky that it's impossible to clean. Overall, it's a very solid toy at a quite reasonable price that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to any of my texture-fiend friends. The one question that remains is this: do you like texture? Lots and lots of intense texture? Because that is what the Bliss #8 delivers in spades.

This product was provided to me free of charge by Fascinations iin exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


  1. I love this vibrator. I actually use mine as a dildo because I don't really need or want the vibrations. The texture is to die for! But not for the faint of vagina.

  2. Unfortunately, I am definitely part of the "faint of vagina club" when it comes to texture. Size is one thing, but texture like this sends my vagina screaming. :P