Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Excited, in More Ways than One

This has been a very busy, exciting week! Costumes made for Gypsy. Wrapping up my first summer in a new lab. And finally, the most exciting bit: two companies approaching me through twitter to offer me some drool-worthy toys to review. I know this isn't all that earth-shaking or exciting to those who have been reviewing extensively for many programs for a while. But this is a first for me, so I'm beside myself with excitement.

If this makes me look like a newbie, fine. While I've been reviewing for for just over a year, I've only recently started reviewing anywhere else, including on this blog. Everything is new, and everything is exciting. It's a great feeling, like that first peek at the pile under the Christmas tree when I was a kid. I love sex toys, and I adore writing reviews for them. It lets me help so many people I may never meet, who may not have a friend they can go ask about sex toys.

And it's just plain fun. I love words. I just usually need prompts to get me going... and what better muse than sex toys?

Someday, I may become jaded. Someday, I may get an email about a toy I'm to review, and think only "Oh, that's nice. Maybe we'll try that Thursday."

But I doubt it. I'm really not hard to please. I get excited over little things I see all the time. So the prospect of a whole bunch of lovely surprised is enough to keep me excited for a long time. If you'll pardon the expression...

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