Monday, July 27, 2009

Review: Pjur Woman

I'm a fan of Pjur's original silicone lube formula. It's a great silicone lube as long as you don't mind that it's thin. I bought Pjur Woman expecting something similar, with added features to make it better for the female body. I wasn't sure what they might be, since pH isn't an issue, nor are microbes, allergens, or irritants.

It turns out that it's the same three ingredients as the original formula. The difference is in the proportions, and any cook or chemist can tell you that tiny changes in proportions of ingredients can cause a large change. Try halving the sugar and doubling the baking soda next time you bake a cake, and you'll see what I mean.

The ingredient that was increased the most was a silicone that also happens to be an emollient (the ingredients that make moisturizers moisturizing): Cyclopentasiloxane. For those used to picking out silicone ingredients based on the "-icone" endings, this one may slip under the radar because of the different name.

Pjur Woman is great for women, but not so amazing for couples. For a personal moisturizer or for solo play on toys and fingers, Pjur Woman slipped and slid in a wonderful way, and afterwards left me feeling soft and smooth, with no icky residue to wash off. There seemed to be a slight film left, but this too soon faded.

Unfortunately, when my boyfriend and I tried this out for sex, it just didn't measure up to Pjur Original. It felt amazing, but we had to reapply more often than with the original. This is probably because of the change in proportions: increase in the moisturizing bringing down the lasting ability of the lube. That said, it still lasted significantly longer than other brands of silicone lubes we've tried, so it is by no means a poor lube, or even a mediocre one. It's just not AS GOOD as another lube to which we've grown accustomed.

I have one last gripe with Pjur Woman, which is also the reason I have stopped buying it in favor of Pjur Original: compatibility. The original formula has passed the patch test on multiple brands of silicone toys; the Woman formula failed the tests. As my collection of silicone toys is growing, I don't want to bother with a silicone lube that's good and incompatible, when I already have one that's better and compatible.

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