Monday, July 27, 2009

Long weekend of creativity

This was one of those weekends so long they feel busier than the week. I'm helping with costuming for a local theater production of the musical Gypsy. That meant that this weekend the two of us made two gowns, and while she was canvassing the local thrift shops for costume bits and pieces, I made two sets of wings, a few large hairpieces, and a pile of stage jewelry (big and gaudy up close, but still just enough to be visible as jewelry from the audience).

I'm so tired I haven't masturbated all weekend.

No, seriously. The only orgasms I've had this weekend were the quick sex-fest my boyfriend and I had on Friday. My lovely Gigi is pouting in a corner, whining that I've been neglecting her and that she suspects that there's another vibrator in my heart. I'd tell her it's not true, but who writes apologetic love letters to their vibrators?

...You don't? Oh. Well. Um. Anyway...

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