Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Review: G-spot Kit (Orchid G and Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot)

Babeland's G-spot Kit is a great starting place for those curious about exploring the G-spot (theirs or their partner's) for the first time. Included in the kit are the Orchid G vibrator and the renowned Violet Blue's "Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot".

Both the book and the vibrator are well suited to beginners still finding and learning to please the g-spot. The book is well written and jam-packed full of great information, while still being easy to read. The vibrator has a great shape for finding your g-spot for the first time.

Let's start with the book. A cute little thing with a tasteful image of a reclining woman's torso across the cover, the book is small enough to slip into a purse, but the cover is not discrete enough to read it in church. That said, it's packed with useful information from cover to cover, with a little g-spot themed erotica thrown in for... shall we say, inspiration. From the what and where of the g-spot, to the how of stimulation, it covers all the basics you need to get started. Following are a chapter on female ejaculation, a chapter of overview of more advanced g-spot techniques incorporating oral, anal, BDSM and fisting, and a quick further study chapter.

This final chapter is mostly a laundry list of recommended stores and readings, but it finishes out this useful little book with a 4-page section on safe sex. I was pleasantly surprised to find it here, including a thorough rundown of barrier methods and a cold, hard set of facts of what you can and can't get from various types of play. Seeing a list of all the diseases and infections you can get from unprotected play had quite a bit of shock value even for those of us who routinely practice safer sex.

While very useful and informative, more advanced g-spot players will find that it holds very little they didn't already know. Also, the erotica will not appeal to everyone. Overall, it was a fun, well-written read, and is a book I will gladly recommend to my less experienced friends.

Now, onto the vibrator.

The Orchid G is a decent beginner g-spotting vibrator. It's not going to last forever, nor is it the be-all and end-all of g-spot vibrators, but it's made of body safe materials, it's got a good range of power settings, and it's well designed for figuring out if this whole g-spot thing is something you enjoy without breaking the bank. The slender shaft and bulbous head are small enough that even beginners won't find them difficult to insert, while still being large enough at the head for some good, strong stimulation. The angled head combined with the narrow shaft make this easy to manipulate once inserted, helping you find your g-spot. The hard, slick plastic let this slip around with minimal lube, and allow for firm stimulation of the g-spot once you find it. The toy is also securely waterproof, so whether you drench it when you squirt or when you clean it, the insides will stay nice and dry.

The motor in the Orchid G is very strong. Seriously. The dial base spins it up from moderate to really freaking powerful. While no setting is really low enough for the very sensitive, most users will find a level they enjoy. The wide range allows for a lot of fiddling around and finding what works best for you. Unfortunately, such a powerful, yet inexpensive motor comes with a price: noise. Lots. And lots. And lots. Of noise! When turned all the way up, this is quite possibly the loudest toy I own, easily heard through a closed door. On low, you're still going to hear it across the room through blankets. In the shower, even the lowest setting won't be covered by the water noise. This is not a discrete toy in terms of volume.

Overall, this is a good kit for those just starting the search for their g-spot. The book has all the information you need to get started, and the vibrator is well designed to help you in your search. While the book is not an exhaustive text on the wonders of the g-spot, it's not supposed to be: it's a primer on at wonderful area. The vibrator is not the be-all and end-all of g-spotting vibrators, but it's a good toy for figuring out if this whole g-spot thing does anything for you. It won't last forever, but it's made of body safe materials and does everything you need to get started with experimenting. Then, when you know what you like, you can upgrade. This is a great kit for the price, and a great starting point for g-spot exploration.

This product was provided to me free of charge by Babeland in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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