Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Review: Lily

From the moment I fell in love with the Lelo Lily, it struck me as funny that a blogger called Lily would review a toy called Lily. Just my crazy sense of humor.

Impossible as it sounds, I love the toy more than I love making puns about the toy. And I love making puns.

When I was first offered the Lelo Lily, I scared the offering party by freaking out. Seriously, I was that excited. A few shipping issues later, and the lovely little black gem arrived on my doorstep.

Many ladies sing the praises of the Lelo Gigi as both a g-spot and clitoral toy. I, however, have had an issue with getting enough pressure from the Gigi on my clit without worrying about the structural integrity of the toy.

Ok, so I'm a clit-bruiser in my enthusiasm. Don't judge me.

Enter the Lily. Lelo's answer to the bullet, a dedicated clitoral toy, this tiny little wonder is full of surprises. It's so small I could hide it in my bra, or tuck it into my underwear without anyone being the wiser, yet it's got all the power of its larger Lelo relatives. Like all of their toys, she is lovely. Her smooth, ergonomic lines are reminiscent of a large flower petal, and just as soft. While she lacks the pretty floral design of the Nea, she makes up for it in texture. Like some other Lelo toys, the Lily is made of hard plastic with a soft, velvety coating. For those who like friction with their clit stim, this baby's for you! Even when wet with lube, the Lily has a delicious drag across the skin. Make sure you don't get her too wet, though, as her charging port has no cover. A wet washcloth or wipes are your best bet with cleaning her if you don't want to have to worry about keeping the port dry.

The controls are easy to use. It has two small buttons on the back of the underside. They sit just behind where I rest my thumb while using the Lily, making it easy to rock my thumb back to change the settings, but hard to change them accidentally.

To turn the toy on, you press the right button; to turn it off, you press the left button while on its lowest setting. To turn it off at any time, tap both buttons at once. The power increases and decreases in a smooth gradient from flutter to powerful: hold the right button down to slide through the increase, and hold the left button down to slide through the decrease. At the highest setting, hold the right button down for a few seconds to switch to the patterns. Once in the patterns, press right to change patterns, and press left to return to the highest solid speed. To lock off or unlock, press both buttons for 5 seconds. Unfortunately, the toy cannot be locked in the on position to prevent changing the speeds, but doing do would force them to remove the instant-off function. Personally, I'll take instant-off over locking on.

The petal-like shape of the Lily fits my body better than any clit toy ever has. I looked at it figuring "No way!", but it did. The shape is as close to perfect for me as I've ever found. The very tip has a contact area pretty darn close to that of my own fingers, which is great for pinpoint stimulation if you rock it forward. The swell is great for a larger area and for pressure and grinding if you rock it back. I can slip it between our bodies during sex and just... let go. In standard or girl-on-top missionary, it stays in just the right place to do amazing things in time with our movements, and I don't have to do a thing!

Another advantage of the shape? It doesn't look like a sex toy. I've managed to pass it off to my friends (of the non-sextoy-obsessed variety) that it's a luxury travel massager. The reason why? That shape that cups the mons and clit so well also curves around the neck and shoulders like it was designed to moonlight as an innocent massager. Bonus if you need to be discrete!

Now, about that motor. It's lovely, but does it deliver? Can such a tiny thing be satisfying?

It can. Oh my yes, it can.

Objectively, its power is almost identical to that of the Gigi, and a bit stronger than Lelo's Mia. They're the usual Lelo thrumming vibrations, stunningly quiet aside from the little digital whine. Perhaps it's the shape, perhaps it's the way I can go all out with pressure and grinding, but the Lily always comes off as stronger (in power or in orgasm strength, I'm never quite sure) than the Gigi for clitoral play. As I said, take this with a grain of salt, because this all depends on how you use the toy.

As with all Lelo toys, the quality of the Lily is superb. The materials are very body-safe. The motor is very well placed in the Lily. The vibrations can be felt equally throughout most of the front half of the Lily, but are slightly stronger at the point. The shape is comfortable to hold and to use, even for those of us with mobility issues. The body and the motor are very well made, standing up to months of heavy use without the slightest hint of wear. I expect that she'll last for years if taken care of.

As far as I'm concerned, the Lily is a godsend with just one and a half caveats. One is that I wish terribly that they would make the Lily waterproof, or at the very least splashproof. It would make cleaning easier, and she'd instantly become my go-to shower vibrator. The half second is with the motor. The current generation of Lelo toys (pre-Ina and Mona) could all use just... at little... more in the power department. She rarely fails to get me off, but there are definitely days when I wish I could bump the power just a tiny bit higher.

When you get right down to it, though, the Lily is a very pricey toy. With all its wonders and its few flaws, is it worth it? I answer you with this: My Lelo Lily lives in my purse. Always. And if anything ever happens to her, I will not hesitate to buy a replacement.

This product was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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