Sunday, February 21, 2010

Review: Sliquid Sassy

While I loved the ingredients of Sliquid H2O, it had some serious problems for me. Mostly, it just wasn't thick enough. It's great for glass, metal, and really slick plastic or silicone, but for anything else, especially sex, it just wasn't enough for us. Reapplying every few minutes gets old really fast.

Sassy was intended to be the anal-play version of H2O. To make a long story short, they have the exact same ingredient list, but the proportions are different. The result is that the Sassy formulation is thicker and more long-lasting, but still great for sensitive skin. Like the H2O formula, this lube disappears when you're done with play time, leaving the skin nice and soft, with no junk to clean off.

The texture is that of a thin gel. When squeezed out onto your fingers, it'll stay put, but won't hold its shape. On a toy, it'll start slipping around if just left in a pile, so spread it around; then it'll stay put.

For us, it worked pretty well for sex. It lasted much longer than H2O, and felt better, too. For a quickie, we only had to apply around twice, but for longer sessions we still found ourselves re-applying more than we'd like.

What can I say? My vagina eats lube like crazy.

This worked well for anal play with toys, but not as well for anal sex. It just didn't have the cushioning and staying power we're looking for, especially if you're using hard toys made of glass or metal.

Bottom line? This makes a good vaginal lube, and good all-around toy lube that's compatible with just about everything. It's not going to last forever, because water-based lubes do dry out, but it's better than H2O. We're still looking for our perfect lube, though.

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