Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Review: Onye Fleur

Ah, the Onye. Ever since I first saw the original Onye, I lusted after it. There's just something about it that drew to me, something about the design that I loved. It was sleek. It was sexy. It was classy.

Imagine my surprise when I was offered the Onye's cute sister, the Onye Fleur! The change from an elegant black and white color set to a fun pink, red, or purple struck my fancy. The purple Fleur became my new little friend.

The Onye Fleur looks like a bullet vibrator on steroids, from her long, rounded cylinder to her push-button control. Like a bullet, the control end screws off to reveal the battery compartment (which is well marked with battery directions). The body is made of smooth, metallic plastic. The grip band is silicone in a raised floral design. While this makes it easy to keep a hold on the Onye Fleur even when she's drenched in fluids of varying origins, it means she's not compatible with silicone-based lubes.

Unlike a wireless bullet, the Onye Fleur isn't going to make your hands cramp up in 30 seconds flat trying to hold it in place and get some pressure. Unlike a dinky push-button bullet, the Onye Fleur is built to last.

Unlike a little watch-battery bullet, the Onye Fleur is packing some serious heat. Running on 3 AAA batteries, she's no wilting daisy. It is easily one of the strongest battery-powered vibrators I've ever tried. It's definitely stronger than most toys that run on 3 AA's. Its three distinct, steady speeds weigh in at mild, Strong, and Really Freaking Strong! Many women will be able to get off on just the second speed, and most will find the highest setting to be enough.

Surprisingly, for all it's power, the Onye Fleur doesn't have the jackhammer volume we've come to expect out of strong battery-powered toys. On the highest speed, someone on the other side of your bedroom door won't be able to hear your toy (unless your doors are very, very, very thin. In which case you should probably turn on a fan or something.) Because the Onye Fleur is waterproof, you can take her with you in the shower, the noise of which will cover most of the vibrator's noises. The noises you make are your own problem to deal with.

When I first received my Onye Fleur from Babeland, one thing worried me. While Big Teaze Toys is reputed to making only high quality toys, this one lacked a lot of the characteristic heft found in most of such toys. I've come to associate this feeling with toys that pretend to be luxury toys, but are really just cheap wannabe's. Thankfully, such was not the case with the pretty little Onye Fleur. It is very well made, with a strong, quiet motor, a sturdy casing, and a reliable water-blocking o ring. I've come to appreciate the lighter weight of this vibrator, because it helps reduce the strain on my hands so I can focus on getting off. For it does get me off, and right quickly, too.

A cute little toy, the Onye Fleur is a great travel or beginner vibrator, and an all-around good go-to clit stimulator. Unintimidating, pretty, affordable, and unobtrusive, it can go wherever you do, git-er-done, and look good doing it.

This product was provided to me free of charge by Babeland in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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