Monday, October 19, 2009

When My Clit Goes On Vacation

Sometimes, my clit goes on vacation. She just up and disappears without a word. There's never any warning, because she fails to seduce my libido into running away with her. I can grind away with a massager powerhouse or rub it till the cows come home, and I might as well be playing with my arm. No amount of stimulation, of any kind, is going to get her going.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Emotional Fallout of a Transgendered Coming Out

My second article in my Loving a Transgendered Parent series on EdenCafe is now up. Thank you to all of you who responded with such welcome to the first story. I was stunned to find "My Dad's Going To Become My Mom" on the Divine Caroline, as one of the top stories in the Family section. I'm amazed that so many people want to read it; I was expecting these to have just a small, niche audience in the trans-friendly community. If these in any way help someone someday, if they help someone elses family and friendships survive the coming out, then I'll be happy. If they help someone understand what it's like to love a transgendered person and to dispel even a little bit of the hate and fear, then they'll do more than I could hope for.

Lots of Toys

For those who were curious, this is the majority of my collection.

None of my restraints are here, but I couldn't resist tossing in my favorite flogger.

In setting up for this shot, I realized just how many sex toys I have.

And this is after throwing out and giving away a bunch.

I am kind of proud of myself: I managed to avoid a lot of the worst offenders in materials. My few jelly toys have all been retired by now; of what you see here, the least hygenic is probably the rubber. But you shall have to pry that lavender rabbit from my dead hands, because it rocks too much to toss.

I also realized how many dreams come true there are up there. A whole passle of dildos from Tantus. Not one, but THREE toys from Lelo. A silicone ball gag. A gorgeous flogger. Glass toys, ceramic, aluminum. I am truely blessed, and I'd like to take a moment and thank the companies whose toys I have been given to review. You guys give me awesome sex toys, and all you ask in return is an honest review. You rock.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Review: Sensual Love Lotion

Sensual Love Lotion by Hathor Aphrodisia is a perfumed lotion scented with essential oils that supposedly have aphrodisiac properties.

Or should I say, massage oil masquerading as a lotion.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Note to the World

1. Transgender people do not all look alike.
2. Thus, there is no such thing as “looking like” a transgender person.
3. If you think there is, that’s based on our own prejudiced assumptions.
4. There is nothing wrong with being transgender, nor with looking like whatever it is you think that transgender people look like.
5. Therefore, saying that someone “looks” transgender as a form of insult is nonsensical not only as a statement, but also as an insult.
6. And it’s sure as hell not funny.
7. “Tranny,” however, is a bigoted slur against transgender people, particularly trans women or other people on the trans-feminine spectrum.
8. Saying that someone “looks like a tranny” is therefore also an insult not to the person (usually not transgender) who is being “insulted,” but to actual transgender people, as it indicates not only that they all look alike, but also that there is something wrong and amusing by looking like they (both supposedly and actually) do.
9. The kind of thinking that says there is something wrong or amusing about “looking transgender” or actually being transgender contributes an incredible amount to the frequent murder of transgender people, particularly trans women.
10. If any of this has made you think about things that you’ve never thought about before, and you would like to learn more, you really ought to google “transgender 101.”

I have a sad feeling that it will be necessary to link to this post many, many times in the future. If there’s anything I’ve missed on the topic of this one narrow yet very prevalent slice of transphobia, please feel free to reblog with additions.

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