Thursday, August 27, 2009

Review: Hide'N'Seek

A few weeks ago, I won a contest Vera (VeraFromFYN) was holding on Twitter. The goal: to help AnerosJohn, who was new to twitter, get more followers. The prize? A brand new Hide'N'Seek case from ForYourNymphomation!

The ForYourNymphomation Hide 'N' Seek is a sleek, cute little toy case. Like Baby Bear's belongings to Goldilocks, it is not too big, not too small, but just right. At 6"x 4"x 2", it's small enough to slip into a purse, but still large enough to hold an impressive amount of sexual firepower.

Lack of HNT

Sorry everyone, no HNT this week. After days of being sick with a fever and being unable to eat, I've finally started getting better. I still look like Dracula came along and sucked out my blood, though. Transparent and bleary-eyed may seem sexy to some people, but I refuse to photograph it.

Instead, I shall soon treat you all to some pictures of a ForYourNymphomation case full of (some of) my toys. Because taking pictures of sex toys is fun and sexy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Review: Peridise Beginner set

When the wonderful people of Aneros offered to send me the beginner Peridise set, I was intrigued. While I enjoy anal stimulation, it's not something I reach for very often. I have enough problems with hemorrhoids that butt play is often off-limits, so I haven't been able to work up very far in anal toys.

This interesting little set is marketed in two ways, under two names: as a sex toy under the name Peridise, and as an anorectal exerciser and hemorrhoid massager for under the name Peristal. As I enjoy the former and am in desperate need of the latter, I was definitely interested!

Revelations, Transitions, and Questions

My father is transgendered. He should have been born a woman. (I will be using the male pronouns for now, at his request) And now, after 50 years of living as a man, repressing every urge to be the woman he should have been, he has begun his transition. While it was a shock at first, and not the easiest thing to adjust to, going through this together has really brought our family together. Contrary to his fears, my mother didn't kick him out, and my little sister and I didn't reject him. It's been harder than we expected, but we still love him and eventually her.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fever and the Death of a Netbook

The week started out well. I spent Sunday working on a paper, drafting some new reviews on my little netbook, and having some really awesome sex.

Monday morning was pretty good. I did some very successful and painless (metaphorically speaking) back-to-school shopping and worked on those reviews into the afternoon. Then late afternoon hit, and things started going downhill. I started feeling alternately sweaty and chilled. I got a blinding headache that tied me to the couch for a few hours. The headache retreated before the onslaught of Tylenol. I was still nauseous, though and I was starting to get a bit disoriented.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


This lovely little shot has a story behind it. I’d never owned a bikini in my life until two weeks ago. I was too self-conscious until recently, and my, ah, ballooning bustline has ruled out most American-made swimsuits. Then, this lovely little shop that imports swimsuits appeared. With a gorgeous, well-built, supportive, underwire bikini. In 32F! I was in love, and it was on sale. Fantasie, you’re my hero. I can’t wait to buy some of your bras if they fit as well as this bikini!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday: Prostate Envy

I'll be honest: I may not be overly prone to penis envy, but recently I've been plagued by prostate envy. The way some guys tell it, it sounds almost magical: some pressure, a bit of thrusting or vibration, and before long, WHAM! Mind-blowing, toe-curling, throbbing, shaking orgasm.

I may have a responsive clit, but even I can't pull that off that fast with just fingers. Having watched my boyfriend slip in his Tantus Sire and be dry orgasming in under a minute, I get jealous. There is no spot in my body that responds that fast. While my ass has, occasionally, enhanced orgasms, it has never caused any. It's not for lack of trying. I've done all kinds of interesting things to my ass, but results have been less than mind-blowing. Impossible as it may be, I'd love to borrow a prostate once in a while.

Since I don't have a prostate, this Wishlist Wednesday is dedicated to toys I'd love to get for my boyfriend's prostate. And toys I'd go for if I had one.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time to Un-Disappear!

I'd like to apologize for disappearing off the the face of the earth for a while without any warning. Life has been throwing me some curve balls, and I'm not the best batter.

Two weeks ago today, we had to put down my dog.