Sunday, May 8, 2011

Updated update

Studying for my last final as an undergraduate. YAY.

Staying up WAY too late at night to do so. Not so yay.

Trying to convince my body that it doesn't need to consume its weight in sugar to stay awake, just because I'm not allowed much caffeine... body isn't listening to me. Body is going to be in a world of hurts when I start forcing the weight off come summer.

Trying not to be resentful that boyfriend's family took him out of the country to visit family during my graduation. Because they forgot I was graduating this year. And it didn't occur to them that being gone the whole middle of May meant missing that.

Grateful that the way-too-freakin-long rocky patch with the boyfriend finally seems to be smoothing over. The bad shit just isn't happening any more. We're having sex again. We're telling stories and laughing and having tickle fights again. We're sharing fantasies (sexual and otherwise) again. I don't dread the thought of him visiting, and me having to hide that I just want to be alone, anymore. But now I'm clingy, and I need him... and they took him away for 3 weeks. Assholes.

Failing at the whole not-being-resentful thing.

Slapping self upside the head for being a bitch.

Trying to figure out if there was going to be a point to this post, or if it's just a gramatically impaired braindump.


I got nothin.