Monday, June 29, 2009

Closest Shave, but a Shame

The crotch can be a shaving nightmare, especially when you have a picky pussy. I can, at most, shave down there three times a week, if I'm very careful and lucky. I've given up on shaving my mons and bikini line altogether in favor of home waxing. While my labia are better behaved, you so much as say "dry shave" around them and they bleed. If I try to crowd shavings, they get raw and horribly uncomfortable. Add to that the issues of trying to bend to see what I'm doing when my back is acting up, and I wish I could wave a magic wand at my pubes and make them behave.

I got the closest, most comfortable genital shave of my life this weekend. And I was nearly dry. As a girl who gets stubble within hours of shaving anywhere, I was completely soft and smooth for almost 48 hours. I also deserve a spanking, for I used my Pjur Bodyglide to shave.

But I can explain! When one absolutely must shave, but has no shower or tub available, one is driven to desperate measures to prevent the horror of razor burned labia. I had shaved my legs with Liquid Silk before (after discovering that it would never touch my poor pussy again), so I figured that, in a pinch, Pjur would work too.

If that stuff wasn't so expensive, I'd shave with it all the time.

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