Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sexy Shoes Tuesday!

I’m not usually a big shoe person. Yes, I like them, but I don’t own many. Growing up, I usually owned a pair or two of sneakers, a pair or two of inexpensive sandals (think cheap flip-flops), and the bare minimum of dress shoes: a closed pair for winter, and an open pair for summer. For most of High School, I had more pairs of dance and theater related shoes than other shoes. Now I have more, but it’s still a relatively small collection. I ain’t got nothin’ on most gals.

But there are some shoes that are just plain sexy. I'm not talking shoes that make you go "ooh, that's cute," I'm talking shoes I want to fuck in.

This week, whilst wandering on Amazon.com, some boots caught my eye.

In the Fuck Me brigade we have some soft black and gold microfiber boots with a bit of an old-school military dress uniform flair. Or a sophisticated pirate. Either way, I would love to dress up with this lovely pair.

On the other end of the spectrum that I'd like to try on in a store just for kicks and giggles. They're purple (or black or white). And glittery. With a clear stripper-shoe platform and heel. They look like fun, but I'd probably break my back in them.

I have odd taste in boots, I know. And I would probably never spend $70-$80 on a pair of boots. But it's fun to window shop.

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