Friday, June 19, 2009

Your Brain on Sex

We in the Neuroscience community estimate that the human brain contains upwards of 100 billion neurons. That's a one with eleven zeros after it. Each one connects to anywhere from a few to thousands of other neurons.

In geek speak, look at it this way: imagine that each neuron can only contain one bit of information (though in reality they can hold many more, as determined by a horde of details you can go find in a textbook if you're really interested). The brain could hold 100 Terabytes of information. On top of that, it can process this information far faster and with more nuanced complexity than any computer ever made.

In other words, the greatest, most powerful sex machine ever. Who could say no to that much porn-remembering-sex-intensifying-orgasm-fueling processing power?

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce your Brain, sovereign of sordid (cerebral) sex.

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