Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sexy Shoes Tuesday

In a fit of silliness, I hereby declare today Sexy Shoes Tuesday. I’m not usually shoe-crazy, but far be it from me to deny Miss Fuck Me Pumps and M’lady Fuck Me Boots their proper place. So, as an offering to the Sexy Shoe gods, I present this ode to sexy shoes.

Oh Sexy Shoes,
How I love thee.
Thy shape, how fine
Thy line, so fair
That arches high
And sweeps me off my feet
(perhaps I should have practiced more
before I left the house...)

The angle that you make
Doth give my legs that extra
Something more
That makes them seem sky-high
And divinely shaped

Thy dainty form
Doth make me like a lady move
With gliding step
And swaying hip
Instead of like a boy

I doth love less
The way you pinch
The way you press
The way you rub
The way you make my poor feet ache
But it is worth it in the end
(though I may need an asprin
Before I put you on again)

I adore you for the many ways
You tantalize both me
And he
And they
For through thy faults
None can contest
Thy sexy deity

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